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Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing offers a simple and effective solution where replacing existing windows isn’t practicable due to cost, planning constraints or where additional  thermal or significant acoustic improvements are required.

Discretely fitted with concealed perimeter fixings to the existing window, there is no disruption to the external building and with the latest thinner profiles there is no reduction in sight lines.  This makes secondary glazing the perfect choice for heritage and listed buildings.

With up to 80% improvement in effective noise reduction and up to 65% in heat loss through existing windows, secondary glazing is an efficient and cost effective solution.

Available with 4mm or 6mm safety glass in the single glazed system, the windows are available as horizontal sliding, vertical sliding, lift-out, fixed pane or hinged in light duty or heavy duty profile.

For Hotel or larger scale projects a double or treble glazed system is available with up to 32mm  low e acoustic safety units.

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